Additive is distributed on Modrinth. You can install it through any third-party launcher that supports Modrinth packs, or through our standalone installer for the Mojang launcher.

Before installing either Adrenaline or Additive, make sure to read Sodium's Driver Compatibility page if you are on an old device to prevent issues.

With third-party launchers

If you prefer to use a third-party option such as the Modrinth App, Prism Launcher, ATLauncher, or anything else that supports Modrinth modpacks, simply follow the instructions from Modrinth's documentation.

For the Mojang launcher

If you don't want to install any third-party stuff, you can use the Additive installer which lets you select a version to download and install to the Minecraft launcher. You can also choose to install Adrenaline through here. This installer is made by Gaming32 - please go here to report issues and suggest features for the project.

Download universal .jar file (Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc)

Can't open it? Try running java -jar additive-installer-1.0.2.jar in a terminal