What is this?

Additive is a simple, modern, open-source alternative to OptiFine. It has basically every feature from OptiFine, including:

  • A very high improvement in performance, faster than OptiFine
  • Shader pack support
  • Extra resource pack features
  • Zooming
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Better grass and snow
  • OptiFine donator capes (and free capes)
  • Many other key OptiFine features

There are also these other features:

  • Free, simple world hosting
    • Simply click “Open Externally” in the menu of your world, and you’ll get a shareable IP
  • Modularity
    • This allows you to disable features that are incompatible with other mods, or features you don’t like, it also allows Additive to get partial releases faster than OptiFine
  • Fast updates

For more information, read through the Modrinth page.

How do I get it?

For installation and downloads, see this page. It provides an installer for the Mojang launcher, and also instructions for third-party launchers.